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Beginner to the running world

Posted By Information Overload on Nov 4, 2012 at 1:19PM

My name is Pam.  This past summer I started running and although I am not totally fat, I do need to lose about 30lbs.  I joined Herbal One and have lost about 20lbs which i am very proud of because I worked really hard to lost that.  The last little bit is what seems to be killing me.  I started running to see if this would make things easier (or at least see the number on the scale come down faster).  However, now I think I am on information overload. 

I bought a heart rate monitor to do exactly that, monitor my heart rate.  Now it is October and I am a little more savy in what i think i am suppose to do.  I have just bought a slightly more complex one that will now monitor my calories burned, heart rate and monitor if my heart is in its 'target zone'.  I will be honest this is what flabergasts me.  This target heart rate zone and how long I should be in it.  On one web page my max heart rate should be 181 (220-39), fine, then another says to my target zone should be 147-157, well if i keep it in that range, i might as well be walking because the running part is all but in slow motion to keep my heart rate in that range.  Another site says that I should be able to carry on a conversation while i am running - if i am carrying on a conversation then why the heck am i running?!?!?! that's what walking is for?!?!?!?!.

So what is it? just run because I can and forget the whole heart rate thing or run in my heart rate(in slow motion) and take the next 20 years to take the last 10lbs off? I can assure you I don't have patience for that........